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A nose job, or rhinoplasty, corrects a wide variety of cosmetic and even medical concerns. Men and women of all ages, including teenagers, opt for a nose job for a number of reasons.

  • Young adults often consider rhinoplasty either to escape the emotional traumas associated with a nose that may be considered misshapen or unattractive by peers, or one that causes physical breathing difficulties.
  • Adults opt for nose jobs to enhance their appearance and achieve greater symmetry and facial harmony.
  • And others opt for nose jobs to help them breathe easier, sleep better, or minimize snoring.

While rhinoplasty is a suitable procedure for a majority of patients who want it, you might be wondering, what’s the BEST age for a nose job?

Lower Age Limit for a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery is only suitable for patients who have reached complete facial maturity, i.e., patients whose noses have stopped developing further. People reach full nasal maturity at different ages, but generally speaking, girls should be at least 15 or 16 years of age, and boys should be at least 17 or 18 years of age before getting the procedure.

Patients shouldn’t undergo a rhinoplasty surgery until they reach full facial maturity because the nose is still growing and changing. Thus, the results of a nose job may not be proportionate to your more mature facial anatomy. In some cases, the patient’s nose may continue changing even after the surgery, negating the treatment’s results. That’s why Dr. Ardesh thoroughly assesses the facial structure of younger patients opting for the procedure to ensure they are in fact prepared for the surgery.

Besides physical maturity, the minimum age also ensures that younger patients are emotionally capable of making such a large decision. Dr. Ardesh speaks with and consults patients to determine if they’re psychologically equipped to handle the plastic surgery and if they’re seeking rhinoplasty for the right reasons. Aside from being the correct age, a teenage patient should also be in good overall health.

An Exception to the Lower Age Limit

There is an exception to the lower age requirement — pediatric patients with a facial birth defect, such as a cleft palate. A cleft palate is an opening or split between the upper lip or the roof of the mouth, and it occurs when the developing facial structures don’t close properly. This is one of the most common birth defects, but it can be remedied with nose surgery. Naturally, patients with a cleft palate aren’t expected to wait until they’ve reached full facial maturity.

Upper Age Limit for a Rhinoplasty

There is no official upper age limit to rhinoplasty surgeries. Patients can opt for a nose job at any age after reaching full facial maturity, as long as they’re physically and mentally sound. Patients with chronic medical conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., are generally ineligible for a rhinoplasty. Thus even though there’s no upper age limit, the necessity of physical health may impose a restriction for some.

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The Perfect Age for a Nose Job

You can opt for our Los Angeles rhinoplasty anytime after reaching full facial maturity, as long as you’re mentally and physically healthy. The best age for rhinoplasty is whenever you, the patient, feel prepared for a nose job. To help you better understand and estimate when that time might be for you, let’s look at the age of last year’s rhinoplasty patients all across the U.S., and we’ll order these from the most common, or most popular age to get a rhinoplasty, to the least common/popular:

What is the best age to get a nose job?
Rhinoplasty Patient Age Range # of Rhinoplasties (2019) % of Total Rhinoplasties
20 - 29-years-old 64,944 31%
30 - 39-years-old 48,448 23%
40 - 54-years-old 43,765 21%
13 - 19-years-old 29,634 14%
55-years-old and older 20,493 10%
  • Age 20 - 29: 64,944 rhinoplasty patients were aged 20-29 (31% of the total procedures done.)
  • Age 30 - 39: 48,448 rhinoplasty patients (23%)
  • Age 40 - 54: 43,765 rhinoplasty patients (21%)
  • Age 13 - 19: 29,634 rhinoplasty patients (14%)
  • Age 55 +: 20,493 rhinoplasty patients (10%)

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