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Dr. Ardesh is amazing! I came to him because I wanted to enhance my jawline with filler. I feel like I had a decent jawline already, but I just wanted to tweak it a little bit to make it better. He listened to my goals and he explained to me how it was going to work. Overall it was a pain free experience AND IM SUPER HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS! I’d recommend him to anyone that I know who is interested in making some adjustments to their face!

My Fillers Look Great, I usually don’t write many reviews but I wanted to make mention of my experience with Dr. Ardeshirpour. I had fillers placed around my nose and lips recently in his office. The entire experience from beginning to end was seamless. The location was easily accessible, the front staff was friendly, and Dr. Ardeshirpour was knowledgeable and made me feel quite comfortable during the entire process. He explained the different types of fillers, the pros and cons of each and ultimately left the decision up to me. Perfect. My enhancements look great, very natural. I am truly pleased with my overall experience and highly recommend Dr. A.

Dr. Ardeshirpour, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I know when I came here I didn’t know what to expect. I was concern about what I had inside my nose and how it was going to affect my nose. After finding out that I had a cyst in my nose and that I needed a nose reconstruction, I was hoping that everything was going to turn out good for me. I am so happy that you helped me and was able to make my nose look back to normal. All my goals have been met. Since it has to do with the face, I am happy on how I look. Thank you so much for the work you did on me. I know it was not easy but you made it possible. Thank you, - Ron

Amazing Experience!!!! This was first time getting Botox and has been 8 days. I already see results. My face feels tight and I feel 10 years younger! Dr. Ardesh was so professional. I felt comfortable and the office was nice and clean.

Dr. Farhad Ardeshirpour, This is just a little thank you. We appreciated everything you did for Kathryn. You have wonderful beside manner (your humor was a bonus). As the passage states above, you came along side us and “held out hands” as Kathryn recovered. You are a great doctor. Thank you and God bless,

- Carl and Nancy

Had an Amazing Experience. Before going to doctor Ardeshirpour I had a bump on my nose and had a difficult time breathing. When I first went in his office he took a look at my nose and told me what he suggested for me to change I agreed he went over how the whole procedure was going to go I was really scared at first but I knew I was in good hands. The day of my surgery it went amazing went home the same day received pain meds and other medicine they prescribe I was swollen and I felt very uncomfortable with the splints I had inside my nose but he did tell me I was going to feel all that . A week after he removed my splint and cast off my nose and look swollen but the swollen has went down so much. I’m 3 months now and the results are amazing yes I’m still swollen but it takes up to a year for your nose to look normal. I recommend Dr. Ardeshirpour to anyone anytime I had a question and concerned he would respond to me right away. He gives the best natural looking noses. I could breath so much better and no hump anymore. Thank you Dr. Ardeshirpour for my new nose.

My Fillers Look Great, I usually don’t write many reviews but I wanted to make mention of my experience with Dr. Ardeshirpour. I had fillers placed around my nose and lips recently in his office. The entire experience from beginning to end was seamless. The location was easily accessible, the front staff was friendly, and Dr. Ardeshirpour was knowledgeable and made me feel quite comfortable during the entire process. He explained the different types of fillers, the pros and cons of each and ultimately left the decision up to me. Perfect. My enhancements look great, very natural. I am truly pleased with my overall experience and highly recommend Dr. A.

Look No Further – This Dr is the One!!!! He is the best. After I went to another surgeon who botched me up I came to Dr. A and he did an amazing job reconstructing my nose. He knows his stuff and is beyond caring. I would only trust him. You will not regret the experience when it comes to this doctor. His expertise is unparalleled!!

My Fillers Look Great, I usually don’t write many reviews but I wanted to make mention of my experience with Dr. Ardeshirpour. I had fillers placed around my nose and lips recently in his office. The entire experience from beginning to end was seamless. The location was easily accessible, the front staff was friendly, and Dr. Ardeshirpour was knowledgeable and made me feel quite comfortable during the entire process. He explained the different types of fillers, the pros and cons of each and ultimately left the decision up to me. Perfect. My enhancements look great, very natural. I am truly pleased with my overall experience and highly recommend Dr. A.

Great experience! I came in to see Dr. A in the hopes of fixing my deviated septum once and for all. I was about 10 months away from my wedding day and I was sick of not being able to breath properly. I had a septoplasty a couple years ago which was performed by a different surgeon. It never worked and even made my breathing worse.

I thought the fix would be very straight forward: revision septoplasty. Dr. A took a look at my nose and let me know that it would be a bit more complex and that he would need to perform a septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction. He was so thoughtful and confident in his decision process. Doctors that I had seen before were much more “once-size-fits-all” with their solutions and barely took the time to explore my complex situation.

Dr. A explained what to expect very thoroughly and was happy to answer all of my questions. He also made sure not to sugar coat anything. The surgery would be long and the recovery would be a lot harder than the septoplasty. He also warned me that while I wouldn’t be 100% healed by my wedding day, I would be extremely close. I could tell that he wanted me to be as thoughtful and well informed as possible before committing to such a big thing.

Once I decided to go for it, he made sure he was able to give me a closer date to start the process with my wedding in mind. The surgery was long and went late into the night. Dr. A did exactly what he said he would: take as much time as he needed to get the job done right. Of course I was very loopy after the surgery so he only talked to my family. But the next morning he called me at 7:00 am to check in. This is when I knew I had the best, most caring doctor working with me.

Through my recovery, Dr. A handled my post op appointments with great care. He gave me his personal number to use any time I had questions or concerns. One Sunday I shot him a text with an issue I was having with my right passage way. I was experiencing some pain and wanted to check to see if everything was okay. He immediately called me and eased my fears and told me to come in first thing the next day just to make sure everything was okay. After taking a look, everything was fine. He gave me a quick cleaning and sent me on my way with a huge sense of relief that I was healing properly.

He continued to be responsive to any other questions I had. While my nose is still in the early stages of healing, I am already experiencing such a huge improvement in my breathing. I am also incredibly happy with the appearance of my nose. It looks so natural and I still look like me. Dr. A is the best doctor I’ve ever worked with. I’m not sure how I got so lucky. I highly encourage anyone who is reading this to let him help you the way he helped me.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Dr. Ardeshirpour, for helping my husband. Thank you to all the staff as well.

- Rose

Amazing Surgeon! I consider myself very lucky to have had Dr. Ardeshirpour perform my surgery. For the past few years, I had difficulty with congestion and breathing. Around 2 years ago, I had a turbinate reduction and a septoplasty. While I initially had relief, I was soon having breathing problems again. I went to see Dr. Ardeshirpour and he quickly diagnosed the problem, including scar tissue that had banded together from my previous surgery, and was able to determine the solution. Dr. Ardeshirpour completely rebuilt my nose with cartilage from my rib, performed another turbinate reduction and septoplasty, and removed the scar tissue that was stuck together. I felt completely comfortable going into the surgery and Dr. Ardeshirpour did an amazing job, making me feel like I was in good hands the whole time. It has now been six weeks since my surgery and I am breathing better and other people cannot even tell that I had surgery on my nose. I would choose to have Dr. Ardeshirpour as my surgeon again and again. He is a skillful, knowledgeable surgeon and I highly recommend him.

52 Female with Horrible Nose Problems – Loma Linda, CA I’m so happy that I have my quality of life back. I can breathe and smell, best part is I’m able to sleep. Dr Ardeshirpour is a miracle doctor. Total reconstruction was done on my nose. Cartlidge was taken from rib cage. Surgery was successful. I can’t thank him enough. I like that he explains all.

Fantastic and Professional Experience! Dr Ardesh is incredibly professional, kind and great at his job! I was whacked in the nose with a paddle board and came up with a pretty bad wound on my nose. He stitched me up day of – within hours of the accident on a Sunday. The sutures came out about a week ago, a week after the accident, and my wound is healing so nicely. He’s very responsive and helpful and has a great bedside manor, I was nervous through out the process, but he made me feel calm. I knew I was in very good hands.

So Happy I Crossed Paths with Dr. Ardeshirpour! Dr. Ardeshirpour was so very patient with me as I tried to make a decision to have a mole removed from the side of the bridge of my nose. I had been contemplating removal for some time. He talked about my expectations and what the final outcome would be. I am so happy I did it!!! Thanks Dr. Ardesh for taking such good care of me and my mole!!!

Great Doctor, I am very pleased with my results!!! Had trouble breathing and was very insecure with the way my nose looked after my consultation I knew Dr Areshirpour was my doctor, his bedside manners were great and he explained in detail 1 month postop I could breath 100% better and my nose looks great!!

So happy with my cyst removal results! I was suffering from an ingrown sebaceous cyst on my cheek for almost 3 years. These types of unsightly cysts are fairly common for males of African descent and men of color. Being African American, this was my second and worst sebaceous cyst. After over 2 years of failure trying to self treat, I visited my doctor. He referred me to Dr. Farhad Ardeshirpour. Dr. Ardesh quickly identified and explained my issue clearly and in great detail. Within a few weeks, he surgically removed the entire golf ball sized cyst. He also removed a much smaller adjacent cyst. It has now been a month and I look like my old self before the cyst. My incision is healed and there is little to no scarring! I absolutely recommend Dr. Ardeshirpour for anyone suffering from cysts and other ingrown hair related issues. Thanks Dr. Ardesh!

Best Botox Results I’ve Ever Had. I’m a53 year old woman and I’ve been having Botox injections for about14years with varying results. Dr. Ardeshirpour treatments always have the desired result! He has become my Doctor of choice. I trust him. He always recommends what is best for me and doesn’t over recommend products or procedures.

Dr. Ardeshirpour Just wanted to thank you and your assistants for all you did for me from the hospital to the office, All the staff as well. Thank you so much.

- Alfredo

Life Changing Procedure with Dr Ardeshirpour, Dr Ardeshirpour was fantastic. He performed a bilateral turbinate reduction on my nose. I haven’t been able to breath this clearly in over 20 years. I was always congested, and could only breathe out of one nostril. The procedure fixed my problem, and now i am free of congestion. The only regret i have is not finding Dr Ardeshirpour sooner, and living with the condition. The procedure was absolutely painless, and i was back at work 2 days later.

Dr. Ardesh is the Best. I had the pleasure of receiving fillers for my tear trough from Dr. Ardesh and I couldn’t be happier. During my consultation he was very thorough with all of my questions. The best part is that he really stresses the importance of a natural look but still making sure your goals are met. I was concerned about the pain and I can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing during my procedure. He goes above to ensure his patients are well taken care of and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a cosmetic procedure.

Love my Lips! Had my lips filled by Dr. Ardesh and absolutely love them, he gave me exactly what i was looking for. I was afraid to go through with this procedure because I didn’t want to end up with what everyone calls “duck lips”. Once he was done i had very little swelling & I couldn’t be any happier with the results.

Great experience Dr Ardeshirpour has got it going on. He sticks out compared to the thousands of others here in LA. He is genuinely sweet and He tells you what you need to hear. 110%. He is no medi spa- that’s for sure. Our consult was thorough, educational, and he took his time to make sure I felt comfortable and confident with my Botox. I love my results way more than my previous experience. Not to mention- he is the Dr who educates all the nurses how to do Injection. That itself made me way more comfortable with my experience. I am thankful to have found him and look forward to a wrinkle free future 🙂.

I had an amazing experience! Dr. Ardeshirpour is outstanding! I had a severe deviated septum for years but I was not aware of just how difficult it was to breathe till I went to Dr. Ardeshirpour. He found out that my deviated septum was so bad that I had only 20 percent breathing capability on one side! Dr. Ardeshirpour suggested I receive a Septorhinoplasty, fixing the deviated septum both outside and inside. Working with him and his highly efficient staff, we were able to book the surgery without trouble. Dr. Ardeshirpour worked with a great team of surgeons and professionals that made me feel extremely comfortable during the surgery and after. Now, it has been seven months after the surgery and I could not be happier with the way my nose is healing!! I am able to breath so much better!! Dr. Ardeshirpour is a very knowledgeable doctor with a terrific bedside manner. He placed me at ease by fully explaining the procedures in a precise and detailed manner. I knew what to expect at every interval phase but he was always available to answer any questions I had. My nose looks and feels great and I could not recommend him highly enough! Thank you, Dr. Ardeshirpour!

I Had an Amazing Experience I’ve had my very first injection by Dr.A. He was very professional and highly knowledgeable. I had Botox in my forehead for my wrinkles and he knew exactly where to inject without making me look too frozen. The results were natural and I was very pleased. He makes you feel comfortable with minimal to no pain. I live in Redlands and I make the trip to see him because he is that good. I won’t let anyone else touch my face. He’s also super outgoing which is a plus. Thanks Dr.! I’ll be seeing you soon!from your happy patient.

What a life changing experience! What an amazing surgeon! I was always self-conscious about my nose ever since high school and finally I decided to take the plunge and have Dr. Ardeshirpour fix it. I have never looked back and I’ve been so happy since! Thank you Dr. Ardeshirpour and I will always remember you.

Dr. Ardeshirpour, I wanted to thank you very much for everything you have done for me. I know you didn’t have to remove my keloid but I am very thankful you did. You have given me hope that I will regain the confidence that I have lost all these years dealing with my keloid. I know that I will have better self-esteem now that I will feel normal. Thank you again you’re the best!

- Stephanie

Ear Lobe Surgery! My ear tore when I was 18 from having a low pierced ear and from wearing too heavy of earrings. I am 25 now. Finally I felt it was time to fix the tear because I was tired of coming up with interesting ways to still wear earrings. I spoke with my physician about my desire to finally fix my ear, so she referred me to Dr. Ardeshirpour. Upon our consultation he informed me that my procedure would be fast and painless, and it was! A plus is his very easy going personality. He made me feel comfortable which to me is necessary because I hate needles, blood, and basically anything and everything to do with surgery– hence, my 7ish years I spent avoiding it.

I provided some pictures of before and after so you can get an idea of what I had done. The after is literally right after surgery, so it looks a bit raw; but that is to be expected. I definitely recommend this Dr. if you need a surgery similar to the one I had.

Totally worth it! I had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery with Dr Ardeshirpour. One of the best choices of my life. I wanted changes in the way my nose looks but it was very important to look natural. All the incisions were inside my nose and there are no scars! It looks amazing and I love being able to breathe!!! I love hearing compliments from my old friends and family and my fiance says I don’t snore anymore. I truly recommend this Doctor, I am forever thankful for his amazing work.

Outstanding Expertise and Patient Care. I had 4 previous nose surgeries and my breathing difficulties were not resolved. I was seen by several specialists and what made me decide to have my fifth surgery with Dr Ardeshirpour was his interest in finding out the root cause of my breathing problems. In the first consultation he spent about one hour determining why I could not breathe. The surgery went well and now I can breath much better. Another outstanding quality of Dr Ardeshirpour is that he follows up to check on the progress of the surgery and provides professional advice.

He is outstanding beyond words!! Had a septoplasty and functional rhinoplasty with him 2 weeks back. He is beyond outstanding – such an incredible combination of surgical genius and off the charts patient care and compassion. Mine was an incredibly difficult case. I had a caudal septal deviation (which is much harder to fix), a slanted columella, nasal valve collapse, enlarged turbinates, among other things. The surgery took 8 hours. It has been 10 days – am still a little congested from the swelling caused by such a long surgery but I am in awe of the nose he has put together. You feel so calm and a sense of trust with this surgeon that I never even discussed with him how the nose would look after all the functionality was retained. And now that the swelling is going and same shape starting to appear, it is better than what I could have dreamed of. It looks absolutely perfect so far. He was so compassionate during all of the after care in the last two weeks. Not only is he is a surgical genius, I felt like he is one of the most amazing human beings I have met.

Dr. Ardesh is Amazing! I went in for a nose consultation & had the pleasure of meeting the incredible Dr. Ardesh. He easily answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease for my upcoming surgery. Compared to other plastic surgeons who are just out there to take your money, Dr. Ardesh really took the time to discuss the importance of the procedure and even took additional time out of his day to talk about my other concerned areas, in which I believed that I was in need of fillers & Botox. Being as honest as he is, he said it wasn’t necessary. I am so grateful that I was referred to such a genuine and kind doctor who actually cares for his patients. Truly speaking, one of the best surgeons I have ever met!

Dear Dr. Ardeshirpour, Thank you for making me feel at ease before surgery and for the great post-operative care! Please enjoy these Corinne’s Waffle Cookies. Thanks again.

- Alicia

My facial plastic surgery hero! Dr. Ardesh is brilliant, kind and very skilled, with a keen aesthetic eye. His work is imperceptible. I went to him after seeing someone who poorly injected me. My goal was to soften my nasal labial folds/smile lines and the nurse that injected me made them significantly worse by injecting me in the cheeks, between my cheek bones and the folds. She said she was attempting to lift the cheek, but instead made my cheeks heavier, cheek bones uneven and my folds/smile lines, were enhanced, rather than lessened. After her work, I became incredibly self conscious. Her attitude was awful and frankly I felt uncomfortable going back, as I felt she would further botch me. Dr. Ardesh fixed my face. He evened out my cheekbones with filler and skillfully filled my nasal labial folds/smile lines, giving me the results I was initially seeking. He is a perfectionist, assessing your face to ensure that he naturally enhances your beauty. Hereditarily, my face is rounder and I’m predispised to the folds, even at 34. Dr. Ardesh nearly erased them! I’m so happy with his work. He also enhanced my lips, beautifully and naturally. I will never go to anyone else, if I can help it. Thank you Dr. Ardesh, for fixing me!! You’re truly the best!!

Botched rhinoplasty mess left by 1st Workers Comp quack FIXED by Dr. Ardeshirpour at Loma Linda when Others Said Impossible. I am a high school teacher. My first surgery to repair my face was botched by Dr. Carly only a surgery center in Riverside. Is horrible job left me with daily nosebleeds for four years and so did my right eye open. Dr. K kick away at The Shirley eye institute at cuss fixed eye but said he could not handle nose. Four other surgeons tried and failed to get past workers comp bureaucracy. I will be forever grateful to Dr. A for fighting to get the surgery I needed to stop bleeding and breathe right. It has not been easy, and my first 10 hour surgery will require another to fix my nostrils. However, early review is fabulous. I am still swollen and sore, but even now can breathe better than I did before! He has given me hope that this may end well after all. He has restored my faith that there are good, caring, honest skilled doctors out there that will take on your case, even after another doctor has botched you so badly others won’t consider it for any amount.

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