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Brow Lift

Also known as a forehead lift, a brow lift is a facial plastic surgery procedure designed to reduce forehead wrinkles and vertical frown lines, and restore the brows to a more youthful position. This procedure can correct brows that have drifted downward due to the loss of skin elasticity that comes with age.

Why choose Ardesh Facial Plastic Surgery?

  • Dr. Ardesh performs strictly facial plastic surgery.
  • He believes in clear, honest, open communication with his patients.
  • His focus is on creating attractive, youthful, normally functioning, natural-looking results.

What can I expect with a brow lift?

At Ardesh Facial Plastic Surgery, we custom-tailor brow lift surgery to your individual needs. This procedure can be done under general anesthesia or conscious sedation and takes approximately one hour to perform.

Most patients are candidates for a minimally-invasive endoscopic brow lift.

  • This technique involves small incisions hidden in the hairline, through which Dr. Ardesh elevates the forehead tissues and addresses the muscles that create furrows between the eyes.
  • The brows are repositioned to the ideal location.
  • The incisions are then carefully closed with sutures or staples.

Brow lift FAQ


What is the best age to have a brow lift?

The best age for brow lift depends on the individual’s anatomy and personal preferences. Many people start considering this surgery after the age of 40.


Can a brow lift correct asymmetry of the eyebrows?

In most cases, eyebrow asymmetry can be improved with brow lift surgery.


How do I know if I need eyelid surgery or a brow lift?

Upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin of the eyelid and does not affect the brow. Brow lift surgery lifts the brow, and also pulls up excess skin in the upper eyelid area. For some people, a brow lift may be sufficient to improve the appearance of the upper eyelids, while others may need both procedures for optimal aesthetic results. After a consultation and evaluation, Dr. Ardesh can recommend the best treatment options for you.


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