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Lip Augmentation

What is lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a simple plastic surgery procedure to restore fullness and balance to the upper and lower lips. This can be accomplished through various techniques. Fat transfer or dermal fillers are excellent options. Fat transfer uses fat harvested from the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs and injected into the lips. Dermal fillers require retreatment to maintain volume.

Am I a good candidate for lip augmentation?

After a consultation and evaluation, Dr. Ardesh can tell you if lip augmentation is appropriate for you. You may be a good candidate for this procedure if you are in good general health, do not smoke, and want to add volume, correct asymmetry, or improve the shape of your lips.

Why choose Ardesh Facial Plastic Surgery?

  • Dr. Ardesh is a trainer for Allergan (the company that makes Juvéderm, BOTOX, and Kybella). He teaches other doctors how to perform injectables.
  • He is a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Los Angeles who is highly esteemed by his peers and patients.
  • Dr. Ardesh is known for creating beautiful, youthful, natural-looking results at a practice focused exclusively on facial procedures.
Lip Augmentation

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What should I expect in a lip augmentation procedure?

Lip augmentation with fat transfer takes 60 minutes or less. It can be performed under local anesthesia, conscious sedation, or general anesthesia. Fat transfer lip augmentation is done in a three-step procedure:

  • Fat is harvested from your donor site of choice (abdomen, thighs, or buttocks) through a tiny incision that does not leave a noticeable scar. The incision is closed with sutures.
  • The harvested fat is cleaned and prepared for injection.
  • The prepared fat is injected on either side of the lips to add volume and improve lip contours.

What is the recovery like after lip augmentation?

Recovery time is minimal after fat transfer lip augmentation. You can return to work and normal activities immediately or within one to two days after the procedure. You can expect some swelling, which should subside within ten days. Maintain a soft diet for the first 36 to 48 hours. Your sutures at the donor site will be removed within a week after surgery.

Lip Augmentation FAQ


How is fat harvested from the donor site for fat transfer lip augmentation?

Dr. Ardesh uses advanced liposuction techniques to harvest fat for lip augmentation. These gentler techniques help preserve the viability of living fat cells.


Will fat transfer lip augmentation leave scars on my lips?

There are no incisions in the lips to leave scars with this procedure. Fat is injected into the lips with a fine gauge needle that leaves a tiny 0.2 cm puncture wound.


When will I see results with lip augmentation?

Results are visible immediately after the procedure. Final results appear when post-procedure swelling subsides.


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