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Facial mole removal requires both skill and advanced techniques to maximize cosmetic results and minimize scarring. Location, size, type of mole, and skin color all play a role in planning mole removal. Dr. Ardesh is a well-respected expert in facial mole removal with many testimonials from patients who appreciate his superior results.

Types of mole removal procedures

Shave mole removal

This procedure is effective when a mole is shallow or if your doctor wants to test a sample of the mole to check for cancer. The mole is shaved away in layers down to the surface of the skin. It is a quick procedure with little to no recovery time.

Dr. Ardesh will inject a local numbing medicine under the growth to prevent pain and to cause the mole to extend above the skin. In multiple horizontal shaves, the mole is removed. A small electronic dermal tool is often used to minimize scarring and ensure mole cells from the perimeter are gone.

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Full-thickness mole excision

If the mole requires complete removal and has some depth, an excision may be necessary. In this procedure, the entire mole is cut out down to the fat layer under your skin. After the surgery, the incision is closed. Dr. Ardesh is a master of closing incisions in such a way that scars will be minimal.

Laser removal

This procedure works best with non-cancerous moles that lie flat on the surface of the skin. The laser uses focused, intense light to break down the mole cells and usually requires several treatments to complete.


This simple technique, used for shallow moles, freezes off the mole cells using liquid nitrogen.

What if my mole is cancerous?

Your mole will be tested for cancer. If the test comes back positive, several of the procedures listed above should resolve the issue. Surgical excision, liquid nitrogen, electro-desiccation and curettage (scraped and burned) as well as Mohs micrographic surgery (layered removal with inspection under a microscope) are all excellent procedures to ensure the destruction of cancer at the mole level.

Dr. Ardesh will ensure your mole is tested for cancer and will suggest the best procedure based upon the results. As scary as a cancerous mole might sound, cancer can often be resolved with simple in-office treatments. Never try to remove moles yourself using home remedies. If your mole is distracting to you and you want it removed, you need help from a skilled medical professional.

I had been contemplating having a mole removed from the bridge of my nose for years! Dr. Ardeshirpour was amazing! He put my mind at ease and explained my options! I am so happy I went for it. Thanks Dr. Ardeshirpour for your beautiful work! I am beyond pleased!

- B.H.

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