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If you feel your nose shape is unattractive, undergoing cosmetic surgery can be life-changing. Issues such as a large, bulbous, or hanging nose tip, hump on the nose bridge, or misshapen nose are resolved with a custom nose surgery or a “nose job.” As one of the most complex of all facial operations, your nose surgery should be performed by a top-rated, experienced facial plastic surgeon.

Nose reshaping surgery

The nose structure is complex. To correct a cosmetic problem requires an eye for facial balance, and the use of the most advanced surgical techniques. Dr. Ardesh is often called upon to perform nose revision surgeries to correct a poorly-performed rhinoplasty – you deserve to be treated by a top-rated facial plastic surgeon, so you are happy with the outcome, with no need for a second surgery.


Nose reshaping surgery, in medical terms, is rhinoplasty. The surgery involves adding or removing cartilage, reshaping nose structure, and creating a balance with your other features. A custom procedure that must be carefully planned and executed, it should leave you with a nose shape that is an enhancement for your other features, rather than a distraction.

Functional nose surgery

Septoplasty is a surgery to correct the breathing passages. The inner nose structure has two air passages. When these passages are uneven, it may lead to chronic sinusitis, headaches, sleep apnea, or the inability to breathe freely. A septoplasty corrects these issues for improved health and quality of life. In many cases, health insurance covers a septoplasty and may allow for some degree of cosmetic restructuring in the same surgery.

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What will rhinoplasty do for me?

If you have spent your life feeling embarrassed about your nose, rhinoplasty is the answer. Nose reshaping surgery will correct any of the following cosmetic issues:

Common cosmetic nose problems

  • Overlarge nose: If your nose is too large for your face, it draws attention and impacts your entire look. Altering the size can make you look far more attractive.
  • Hump on bridge: If you inherited a hump on your nose bridge, removing the hump surgically will create a more appealing facial appearance.
  • Large, pinched, or rounded nose tip: Rhinoplasty can correct any cosmetic issue with the nose tip.
  • Hanging tip: When the nose tip extends too far, it attracts the eyes of others. Removing the excess cartilage creates a far more attractive facial appearance.
  • Wide or flat nose bridge: When the nose bridge is too broad or does not have enough height, it can be corrected surgically for a more sculpted look.
  • Crooked nose structure: A crooked nose can come about due to trauma, or you were born with it. The nose structure can be surgically corrected.
  • Overlarge nostrils: Wide, long, or overlarge nostrils can be surgically altered to appear less prominent.

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