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Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Farhad Ardesh is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in West Hollywood dedicated to providing top quality results in delicate facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. His level of expertise and precise attention to detail have made him one of the most widely sought-after plastic surgery specialists in the South Bay. A former college instructor at Loma Linda University, Dr. Ardesh has been a valuable member of the faculty in the departments of ophthalmology, head and neck surgery, and dermatology.


Considered among the most sensitive and demanding of reconstructive surgeries, rhinoplasty is a procedure that alters and reshapes the contour of the nose. Under the expertise of Dr. Ardesh, you can expect to see a whole new you in the mirror with results that bring greater, more pleasing facial harmony and flawless symmetry.


Balance and elegance.

When choosing your West hollywood facial plastic surgeon, you want a specialist who performs rhinoplasty with an eye for aesthetic harmony and facial structure. The rhinoplasty procedure requires a fastidious approach to technique. Dr. Ardesh is a widely respected expert in precision reconstructive surgery and the results speak for themselves.


Dual-Board Certified Facial Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hair Surgeon

Dr. Ardesh is rejuvenating West hollywood one patient at a time. His commitment to achieving natural-looking results is shown in the bright, youthful faces of his clientele. He brings an exceptional level of talent and artistry to his work, earning him the sterling reputation that he currently enjoys in the field of plastic reconstructive surgery. Dr. Ardesh offers a tailor-made solution to meet the needs of every patient who walks into his office. You can look younger again.



In today's digital marketplace, patients take reviews very seriously. Dr. Ardesh has received extremely positive reviews from clients who are fully satisfied with the results of his treatment. He ensures that each patient understands their options for achieving the look they want, whether they are surgical and non-surgical in nature. Dr. Ardesh deeply believes in the importance of communication and always takes the utmost care in explaining every step of the process to his clientele.


Dr. Ardesh is well-versed in a wide range of effective and long-lasting non-surgical treatments for facial enhancement. No matter which area of the face you would like to revitalize, Dr. Ardesh has a facial treatment that can give you the results you want, without invasive procedures.


Facial rejuvenation — without the downtime.

What is Face Tite? It's one of the most significant innovations in non-invasive skin-tightening techniques in the industry today. Nothing can compare to the long-term impacts of FaceTite. Dr. Ardesh offers FaceTite treatments for those patients who have started to notice a gradual change due to aging but don't yet feel the need to receive a full facelift procedure. Dr. Ardesh believes in providing his patients with the latest, state-of-the-art treatmemt methods to ensure they are receiving the best care in the industry.


You need not live with facial imperfections due to trauma or skin cancer. Dr. Ardesh is a highly-skilled facial plastic surgeon in West hollywood who can eliminate facial scarring and other aesthetic concerns that only serve to reduce your self-esteem. Regain your confidence and improve your quality of life with facial reconstruction surgery.

To learn more about the surgical and non-surgical options that Dr. Ardesh can provide, call today to schedule an appointment.

Neck Lift FAQ

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the neck and jawline. It involves removing excess skin, fat, and muscle tissue, resulting in a smoother and more defined appearance to the neck. Dr. Ardesh performs four types of neck lift surgeries which he an the patient discuss during consultations

Under-Chin Neck LiftTM which removes superficial fat from under the skin, deep fat from under the neck muscle, and tightens the neck musculature. The surgery is performed through a 3 cm incision under the chin.

Extended Neck Lift, which includes the Under-Chin Neck LiftTM with additional incisions around the ear and hairline, allowing tightening of the neck muscles and removal of excess skin.

Ardesh RefreshTM which includes a deep-plane facelift with the Extended Neck Lift.

Ideal candidates for a neck lift are individuals who have sagging skin, excess fat, or loose muscle bands in the neck area. Candidates should be in good overall health, have realistic expectations, and be non-smokers or willing to quit smoking before and during the recovery period.

Based on the personalized neck lift procedure that you chooseDuring a neck lift, Dr. Ardesh makes incisions around the ears and under the chin. Dr. Ardesh removes excess muscle, tightens the muscles of the neck, and trims excess loose skin. The neck lift creates a smoother, more youthful appearance.

A neck lift typically takes 2-3 hours to perform. The exact duration depends on the extent of the procedure and whether it is combined with other facial procedures, such as a facelift.

Most of Dr. Ardesh’s patients choose to have their neck lift performed under minimal sedation and local anesthesia. This type of anesthesia does not require a breathing tube nor an IV, which are required during general anesthesia. The reason Dr. Ardesh and his patients prefer minimal sedation and local anesthesia is that it allows for a faster and easier recovery. Dr. Ardesh’s patients are able to walk on their own afterwards without the need for a stretcher or wheelchair. Patient’s seldom remember any of the procedure

Following a neck lift, patients can expect some swelling and bruising, which typically subside within 1-2 weeks. Pain and discomfort are generally mild and can be managed with prescribed pain medication. Most patients can return to work within 2 weeks, but strenuous activity should be avoided for 4-6 weeks.

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with a neck lift. These may include infection, hematoma, nerve injury, scarring, and anesthesia complications. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon can help minimize these risks.

The results of a neck lift can last for several years. However, the aging process continues, and factors such as genetics, sun exposure, and lifestyle choices can affect the longevity of the results. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and protecting your skin from sun damage can help prolong the outcome.

The cost of a neck lift can vary depending on the surgeon's fees, facility fees, and geographic location. It is important to note that a neck lift is considered a cosmetic procedure.

To find a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon, consider using resources. Be sure to research and consult with multiple surgeons before making your final decision.


Nose reshaping surgery is one of the most challenging and delicate of all facial procedures. Under the care of Dr. Ardesh, you can expect balance and harmony in your rhinoplasty results.

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A facelift should leave you looking young, refreshed, and rejuvenated – in the most natural way. Dr. Ardesh is widely recognized as being among the most talented facelift surgeons in Los Angeles.

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Neck Lift

An elegant neck, free from excess skin and fat, takes years off your look. When performed by Dr. Ardesh, with advanced surgical techniques, you can be confident that your results will be lovely, fresh, and youthful.

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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery should leave you looking young, vital, and natural. Dr. Ardesh employs a meticulous surgical technique to ensure his patients achieve the most natural look.

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Brow Lift

A heavy, creased brow can be lifted and restored with brow lift surgery. When performed endoscopically, scarring will be minimal.

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Facial Implants

Facial balance can be thrown off by a receding chin or lack of cheek structure. Facial implants can provide definition, structure, and harmony to your appearance.

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Lip Augmentation

The perfect cupid’s bow, or lush, full lips, are undeniably attractive – when not overdone. Dr. Ardesh brings a new perspective to treatments, focusing on creating a look that appears entirely natural.

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Ear Surgery

Your ears frame your face – but when overlarge, protruding, or oddly-shaped, can be embarrassing. We offer custom ear surgery to create ears that are an enhancement, not something to hide.

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Mole Removal

Dr. Ardesh and his team are highly experienced with mole removal in Beverly Hills and can assist with your cosmetic and pre-cancerous concerns.

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Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the abnormal growth of skin cells that develops on sun-exposed skin, although it may develop anywhere on your body.

Skin Cancer

To learn more about your rejuvenation options with Dr. Ardesh, please schedule an appointment.


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