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Skin cancer is the abnormal growth of skin cells that develops on sun-exposed skin, although it may develop anywhere on your body. When skin cancer has developed on the face, you need a facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who has experience creating a natural-looking reconstruction. For surface cancers that must be removed, or for reconstructive surgery after deeper cancers, Dr. Ardesh is considered a top specialist.

What are the different types of skin cancer procedures that may require cosmetic treatment?

The following skin cancer surgeries can result in varying degrees of wounds requiring closure or reconstruction. All of these treatments have a range of cosmetic impact from light to moderate. Dr. Ardesh has a genuine talent for restoring your cancer surgery site to the most natural state possible.

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Mohs Surgery

This surgery is performed in stages. A thin layer of skin is removed from the top of the visible cancerous layer, evaluated in an onsite lab to map the cancer cells while you wait. The procedure is repeated until the margins of the last sample are cancer-free. The benefits of this procedure are its thoroughness and most significant conservation of healthy tissue.


This procedure cuts out the cancerous tumor. Because surgery has made significant advances over even just the last decade, excision has become much more precise, requiring less tissue removal around the perimeter of the skin cancer.

Sentinel lymph node biopsy

This procedure is commonly used to detect if the melanoma has spread beyond the primary tumor into your lymphatic system. This biopsy helps your surgeon determine how much excision is necessary.

Neck dissection

This surgical procedure removes lymph nodes in the neck where cancer cells may have migrated.


This is the partial or full removal of the parotid gland on the side of your face in front of the ear. After recovering from this surgery, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Ardesh, where you will both work out a plan for facial reconstruction over the affected area.

Skin cancer post-operational reconstruction

The aftermath of skin cancer removal can range from covering a few marks or small scars up to complicated repair requiring skin and tissue graphs. With today’s advanced surgical procedures and Dr. Ardesh’s practiced eye for facial aesthetics, even the most demanding restorations produce remarkably natural-looking results.

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If the amount of tissue removed is small, the wound is allowed to heal, and any remaining marks or blemishes can be addressed with non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Most advanced cancer surgeries involve significant loss tissue and depending upon where, and how much, Dr. Ardesh may use a variety of procedures. Often a flap is created that uses skin or tissue from a nearby area to be stretched and moved to cover the treated area.

You may require a skin graft which takes skin from another less visible part of the body and grafts it in place over the part of your face that needs restoration.

Depending on how much reconstruction is involved, more than one operation may be required. Not only is the skin cover replaced and smoothed, but also underlying tissue may need to be sculpted.

Typical areas addressed:

  • Nose: Virtually all the skills and techniques of rhinoplasty may come into play, depending on the type of cancer that was removed. Typically, it is the outside layer of skin over the nose tip and bridge that is addressed.
  • Eyelids: Surgery can be performed on the upper or lower eyelid and will not only correct surgical blemishes but can also improve signs of age.
  • Scalp: Scar tissue can be removed, and regenerative procedures are possible.
  • Lips: There are many cosmetic techniques for the repair of lips, from fillers to minimally invasive surgery to create fuller lips.
  • Ears: Like lips, there are many ways to reconstruct ear lobes using natural materials from your own body or bioidentical substances to build shape, structure, and flexibility.
I am a 74 year old man who had a very large skin basal on my upper lip. The hole was about size of a half-dollar. I came to Dr Ardeshirpour to repair the hole after he first removed the skin cancer. It is amazing how well I have healed and look completely normal now. Very happy with the results. I'm a very happy patient and recommend him highly , Gilberto

- G.R.

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