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Facial reconstruction may involve a range of procedures to resolve facial problems that may have been present from birth or have resulted from trauma, surgery, or treatment for skin cancer. Dr. Ardesh is known for his abilities in facial reconstruction surgery, and for achieving remarkably natural-looking results.

Why see Dr. Ardesh for facial reconstructive surgery?

Dr. Ardesh is a respected instructor with the AO CMF organization, the top international organization of medical professionals who specialize in surgery for face, mouth, and jaw. This group is the driving force behind significant advancements and surgical innovations in facial reconstruction that produce unparalleled natural restorations. AO CMF members benefit from the combined experience and skills of the finest facial surgeons in the world.

Whether you need a minor reconstruction or a comprehensive treatment, it makes sense to consult with the best.

Am I a candidate for facial reconstruction?

You may be a candidate for facial reconstruction surgery if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Facial trauma such as broken or shifted cranial, cheek or mandible bones
  • Facial lacerations
  • Burns
  • Cancer surgery that has affected the movement or appearance of your face
  • Genetic malformations
Facial Reconstruction Surgery Beverly Hills

What does facial reconstructive surgery cover?

Depending upon the scope of facial reconstruction, surgery may require restoring more than one area. Fixing one issue may not be possible without adjusting another as well. But no matter how involved the reconstruction could be, you have a very high likelihood of significantly improved appearance as a result.

Procedures may target one or more of the following:

  • Face, head and neck tissue, and skin restoration after cancer surgery.
  • Rebuilding the nose, or part of the nasal structure.
  • Mouth repair including cleft palate, lip, and other congenital defects.
  • Reconstruction of the outer ear structure.
  • Restoration of facial movement.
  • Resolving the effects of facial trauma.
  • Microvascular free tissue transfer.
  • Scar revisioning.
  • Mohs surgery and skin and tissue rebuilding.
  • Skull base surgery.

What is the recovery for facial reconstructive surgery like?

Because this surgery covers such a broad field, it is impossible to generalize recovery times. Some outpatient surgeries can take place in Dr. Ardesh’s office while others may require hospital facilities and a stayover.

To rebuild parts of the face, skin, bone, or muscle from other parts of your body may be used. When these options are not possible, implants may be appropriate. Each option comes with its own recovery time. Dr. Ardesh will carefully go over all your options and will be able to give you a general idea of your recovery time during the consultation.

Facial Reconstruction Surgery Beverly Hills

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