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Laser skin resurfacing technology has advanced tremendously in the last decade. Safer and more refined technology translates into improved levels of facial rejuvenation and less downtime. In skilled hands, laser skin resurfacing can reduce blemishes, scarring, and wrinkles while improving the overall texture of the skin.

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing utilizes precise, concentrated beams of light to remove the outer layers of the skin. The result is a dramatic improvement in overall skin quality and appearance. The two most common types of lasers utilized in laser resurfacing are:

  • CO2: CO2 uses carbon dioxide to treat scars, wrinkles, and other imperfections.
  • Erbium Laser: erbium lasers carry fewer side effects than CO2 lasers and can be used to treat deep wrinkles.

Erbium and CO2 are two types of fractional laser treatments. They treat the skin using a fractionated method in which columns of skin are left untouched by the laser. This approach aids in the healing response of the skin, minimizing downtime.

Am I a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing?

Firstly, Dr. Ardesh will listen closely to what you hope to achieve from your laser resurfacing procedure. If you have facial concerns such as brown spots, wrinkles, acne scars, and general skin aging, laser resurfacing may be right for you. Dr. Ardesh may recommend a combination of therapies to achieve the most maximum benefit.

If you have active acne or a darker complexion, the erbium laser is a better option should you decide to undergo laser resurfacing. If laser resurfacing is not appropriate for you, Dr. Ardesh will help you discover the best alternative treatment to address your skin concerns. Is laser skin resurfacing is right for your skin? Discover the difference when your treatment is delivered by one of the top-rated plastic surgeons practicing in Los Angeles.

I had morpheus 8 and laser resurfacing. I couldn't be happier with Dr. Ardesh. I researched all of the best surgeons and I believe I found him. He has made me look younger, his work is impeccable and I will be returning to the USA especially to see him and have more work done.

- A.C.

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